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WildCard Investigations was founded by JP Merlano in November of 2003. Prior to opening WildCard, JP worked as a field investigator for three of the largest and most well known surveillance vendors in the United States. During this period, JP spent thousands of hours crisscrossing the state of Florida and the United States conducting surveillance in the most remote, clandestine challenging places to include Mc Allen bordering the southern tip of Texas and Mexico.

JP is best known as the founding father and engineer of Paradigm Surveillance Models and his discreet mode of operation while out in the field. JP’s unique investigative prowess and stellar pretext ability in being able to get the answers no one else could had JP’s operations manager and associates referring to him as the “Wildcard” hence the fitting name for his investigative agency. JP made a national name for himself after tracking down a dancer at a local strip club in Downtown Miami. The video made headlines and was shown on MAURY POVICH and REAL TV in the late 1990’s.

JP is considered the leading authority by his associates and clients as it relates to the mastering of surveillance techniques. JP’s created a discipline from various surveillance models that he has engineered throughout his years as a licensed private eye. JP’s motto is simple; “you are only as good as your last case.” JP specializes in high exposure insurance claims investigations ranging in the millions of dollars for Corporate America large insurance carriers, self insured’s and third party administrators. You name them, JP has probably worked for them at one time or another, obtaining hours upon of hours of video depicting all sorts of claimant activity contradictory to their claim, giving depositions and testifying, going above and beyond to get the job done. To date, JP has personally investigated over 3500 insurance claims saving his clients millions of dollars.

JP is the father of Paradigm Surveillance Models (click here to download article). In this article JP’s discusses the principles of “Shadowing” whereby you are able to track your claimant’s every-move using pattern recognition applications without compromising the integrity of the case or ever getting burned. In “Surgical Surveillance” you can extract your claimant from as far as ¼ mile when permissible without entering high security areas in open roof applications. In “Gradual Surveillance” you are able to uncover your claimant’s final destination even if your claimant is surveillance conscious. In “Circular Surveillance” you are able to literally do circles around your claimant. In “Counter-Surveillance” you are able to evidence your target’s modus operandi. In “Cool-Down Surveillance” you are able to preserve the integrity of the case and evidence your claimant’s absence. In “Shock Surveillance” you are able to use the “element of surprise” to evidence your target’s activities when their defenses are down. In “Surveillance Models in Psychological Warfare Applications” you are able to predict and control your target’s actions! And lastly, in “Fusion Surveillance” a sight to see, you will fuse together all the surveillance models discussed in the article making you a master in the art of stealth, shadowing and invisibility.

Prior to JP’s investigative career, JP studied for his Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice Administration in Miami Dade Community College where he completed endless hours of cooperative field work as a non certified intern for the Public Defender’s Office 13th Judicial District in Dade County, FL. As a result of JP’s ongoing legal ambition, he began to work for the Law Offices of Jack Weiss as a law clerk. JP continued his studies at Florida International University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science majoring on international & constitutional law. While attending college, JP worked for the Florida Department of Corrections as a certified officer at Everglades Correctional Institution and was awarded a commendation for having a keen eye to deter the flow of illicit drugs and contraband pouring into correctional institutions. JP excelled by completing the cross-over academy from corrections to basic law enforcement in Monroe County with the Sheriff’s Office. JP graduated in the top 2% in the corrections and police academy. During this transition in his life JP elected to resign from his promising law enforcement profession and began a new chapter in the private investigations industry and has never looked back.

In order to be successful, one surrounds himself with successful people. JP has maintained close ties with his investigative associates over the years and has handpicked the best of the best as field investigators for WildCard. There are no “trainees” at WildCard. Every investigator is a seasoned investigator. They maintain at least a Florida “C” license and several have reached management level in their careers or maintained their own investigative agency. When JP decided to operate his own investigative agency in Florida, he decided he would operate only with the BEST field investigators Corporate America has to offer. You get what you pay for, WildCard’s Investigator’s are among the highest paid in the industry. In the words of JP “When everyone else fails, call WildCard, your winning hand”.

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